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Reviving History: Preserving Our Ancestral Log Cabin

Welcome to a journey through time, an opportunity to become an integral part of the restoration of our cherished 1800s log cabin, nestled within the heart of the Lewisville community. Spearheaded by the Lewisville Permaculture Research Center, this project is not merely about renovating a structure; it's a commitment to preserving our rich heritage for generations to come.


**A Glimpse into Our Past:**

Constructed around 1850 by Lindsey Calvin Luper, this log cabin carries the stories, struggles, and triumphs of the Luper/Conrad family through the ages. Passed down from generation to generation, it stands as a silent witness to the evolution of our community. Now, faced with the challenges of time, this historical gem is in need of our collective effort to restore it to its former glory.


**The Restoration Mission:**

Our restoration project is a multifaceted endeavor aimed at not only preserving the structural integrity of the cabin but also capturing the essence of its original 1800s appearance. Here's a breakdown of the key components:


1. **Structural Restoration** Undertaking a meticulous assessment and repair of deteriorating logs, foundations, and the roof to ensure the cabin stands tall for another century.


2. **Historical Accuracy** Delving into historical research to source period-appropriate materials, bringing authenticity to the restoration and allowing the cabin to tell its story accurately.


3. **Interpretive Display** Creating a captivating display within the cabin, featuring photographs, documents, and artifacts from the Luper/Conrad family's history. This will offer visitors a deeper understanding of the cabin's historical significance.


4. **Accessibility Improvements** Making enhancements to ensure the cabin is accessible to everyone, fostering inclusivity and enabling a broader community engagement.

**How to Contribute:**

Choose your preferred sponsorship level and become an integral part of restoring this vital piece of our heritage.


**Your Legacy, Our Future:**

Sponsors will be prominently acknowledged throughout the restoration process, with a dedicated plaque inside the cabin immortalizing their commitment to preserving history. Upon completion, the restored log cabin will open its doors to our visitors, offering a profound educational experience and enriching the Lewisville community through historical preservation.

\ General Sponsorship - Up to $250

Receive acknowledgment on our website and social media platforms, becoming a vital supporter of historical preservation.

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\ Bronze Sponsorship - $500

Enjoy website acknowledgment, a special mention on the commemorative plaque inside the cabin, and recognition as a crucial contributor.

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\ Silver Sponsorship - $1,000

All benefits of Bronze, plus an invitation to the unveiling ceremony, actively participating in the celebration of this historic restoration.

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\ Gold Sponsorship - $2,500

All Silver benefits, along with a private guided tour, providing exclusive insights into the restoration process and the cabin's history.

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\ Platinum Sponsorship - $5,000

All Gold benefits, exclusive recognition as a Platinum Sponsor on promotional materials, and the opportunity for a featured interview on our website.

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Join Us in Restoring Our Heritage

Your participation in this endeavor ensures the safeguarding and celebration of our shared history. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with you in restoring this invaluable piece of local history.

Thank you for your consideration and commitment to preserving our past.

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